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Kalsang Pottery Founders




I am a Tibetan Potter/Ceramicist based in Woodside, New York City. Having worked for many years as a jewelry maker for high-end jewelry brands in New York City, I finally found my calling in making and designing pottery. 

Kalsang Pottery products are all hand-thrown at potter's wheel and crafted in New York City in my small Woodside home studio. I make high quality functional art pieces that can be used for everyday gastronomic pleasures and decorative home decor items that are visually pleasing and artfully therapeutic. 

I believe in the singular art, beauty, and endless possibilities of handmade artisan crafts in this modern age overwhelmed with mass corporate reproduction. Each product is one-of-a-kind, handmade with the user in mind, with each perfection (and imperfection) solely thrown for the purpose of giving a character to the product that is unique and un-reproducible. 

It is my sincere hope that you like my products as much as I loved making them. 

Business Director, Chief Support, Storyteller

As Kalsang's best friend and partner in life, I am continually amazed by his passion, creativity, talent, and above everything else - his humility. I share with Kalsang a sincere love for this hand-made artisan craft of pottery, and the dream of presenting Kalsang Pottery in each of your households to accentuate your art of daily living. Kalsang Pottery is borne of our sincere vision to add art in our everyday gastronomic pleasures as well as in enhancing beauty of the sacred place we call our homes. There is a story in each of Kalsang Pottery products that I hope to bring to you all as you soak in the beauty of this craft. 

I am a Health Research Scientist by career, a writer by vocation, and Chief Support and Storyteller of the artist that is Kalsang, and the craft that is Kalsang Pottery. In order to create solitary breathing space and private common ground between the artist and his inspirations, I manage daily operations of Kalsang Pottery so that together we can provide you the best that the craft can provide. 


Kalsang Pottery Brand Logo

My brand logo celebrates the relationship of my hands with the wheel. For it is at this moment when my hands are in amicable contact with the wheel, spinning round and round in meditative harmony, that I bring forth to life the creations borne of my heart and envisioned in my head. I may be a man of contentious credence, if you will, but I am at the peak of my conviction when I am one with my hands and my wheel. 

Still; yet in constant motion

Peaceful; yet with the mind ablaze

Craftful; yet in a state of constant learning 

It is my sincere effort and pride to bring to life beautiful products, artful and functional, that are singular in existence and unique in their sensibilities.

I hope you join me in my artisan journey.

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